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Mirasol Ushya
The Mirasol Project is a project to improve the future of disadvantaged children in
Peru and was set up in 2006. It is named after a little girl called Mirasol who helps
tend a herd of 3,000 alpaca at the Mallkini ranch high in the sierras of the Peruvian
Andes. She is one of the Quechua-speaking people of the Andes who are particularly
disadvantaged. Few of these people can read or write, their health is poor and there
has been no escape from the relentless poverty they experience until now.
Mirasol Ushya 1724 Silver Cloud ~  
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Mirasol Ushya 1702 Oyster Mushroom ~
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Mirasol Ushya 1705 Rosewood ~6 avl. ~
Mirasol Ushya 1706 Fern Green ~ 1 avl. ~
Mirasol Ushya 1700 White Clouds  ~ 5 avl.
~ $16.99
Mirasol Ushya 1721 Pebbles ~ 8 avl. ~
Mirasol Mirasol Gauge (sts. / inch): 2-2.5  Physical Weight: 100g  
Specific Fiber: 98% Merino Wool, 2% Nylon  
US Needle: 15  Washing Instructions: Hand Wash  
Weight: (1.5 - 2.5 sts/in) Super Bulky