All Natural Pet Bath Bar
The answer to your "Muddy
Puppy!" Great for dry skin
and hot spots. Leaves fur
silky soft and moisturizes skin.
4 oz. $4.50               
"Josie Recommended"
Hugga Bugga Creamy & Delicious Goats Milk
Soap & Lotions
Goat Milk Lotion
We worked long and hard to create
the perfect lotion recipe for our
family and customers.
Our Creamy Milk Lotion is all that it
was intended to be. It contains a
unique blend of skin-loving oils
along with a healthy dose of goat's
milk and shea butter to nourish your
skin without the greasy feeling.
Our Creamy Milk Lotion is extremely
popular especially with babies,
elderly, and those with sensitive
skin.   Some scents have limited
availability.    Try our newest scent,
Cherry Almond.                     
8 oz. bottle  $10.50
Hardworking Hand Balm! The
creamiest, thickest salve for dry
cracked hands. Made with cocoa
butter, shea butter and a light
eucalyptus scent. Works on
heels, too! 4 oz. jar  $11.00  
Our soap contains the following
Saponified Oils of coconut and soy, shea
butter, Goat Milk, and Water,
and is
available in these yummy scents:
    Honey Almond                           
    Sweet Orange               
    Blackberry Sage
    Eucalyptus Spearmint
    Coffee Scrub
    English Rose
    Calendula (unscented, anti-
    Regular Unscented (for sensitive
    Oatmeal & Honey
    Cucumber Melon
    Warm Vanilla
    (some scents may have limited
    4 ounce bar    $4.50
Wholesale (limited availability)These are
a fabulous addition to your current
product line and sell great at craft fairs,
church bazaars and boutiques. You will
get 10 bars in each of 5 scents, for you
to make them your own!
Minimum order: 50 bars
(Just email me the scents you would
50 bars ~ $128.50(includes Priority
Our All Natural Lip Balm

Super creamy and just what dry lips need.
cocoa butter, shea butter, vitamin e, aloe vera.
May also contain FD&C color and flavor.

Newest flavors: Coconut Lemongrass, Honey,
Tropical and Cherry

Choose Flavor
French Green Clay(for Oily skin)with
hazelnut oil along with a specific
face-cleansing blend of essential oils of
rosemary and tea tree.  
Organic Carrot Bar (for Dry skin) A
complexion bar composed of organically
grown carrot. Scented with patchouli,
orange and cranberrry.

Both with rich, goats milk and essential
oils to nourish your face.
1.5 oz.             $3.50 each
Seabuckthorn Face Cream
is perfect for dry skin. Anti-aging and extra
Ingredients: water, goat's milk, emulsifying wax,
rosehip oil, horsetail extract, olive oil, red
raspberry seed oil, avocado oil, stearic acid,
meadowfoam oil, glycerin, borage oil, sea
buckthorn extract, shea butter, macadamia nut
oil, Germall Plus, fragrance oil.    
2 oz.    $8.50
Luxurious Face Cream
A combination of nourishing goat's milk with a variety of softening and
tightening oils created in a light but complex mixture. Packed with Vit. E.,
chamomile, shea butter, and silk.

Ingredients: water, goat's milk, emulsifying wax, stearic acid, chamomile infused sweet
almond oil, avocado oil, argan oil, babassu oil, olive oil, evening primrose oil, shea
butter, mowrah butter, green algae, wheat protein, rosehip oil, glycerine, chamomile
extract, Phenonip, silk, Vit. E, fragrance oil.
2 oz.         $5.50
Choose a Scent
Scented Varieties